Office Interior 5

Glass partitions are a beautiful and cost-effective way to separate work areas in an office. It brings a new look and fresh appeal to the interior of an office without breaking the budget. With the popularity of glass partition increasing, it is of no wonder that there are many options to choose from like clear glass, tinted glass and frosted glass etc. Here, our designers have created an aesthetically pleasing office room with various glasses.

  • The green-colored glass partition adds a pop of brightness to the place and makes it visually appealing.
  • Glass walls partition need not be always clear. You can go for frosted glass walls because they provide more privacy without disturbing the openness of the office atmosphere. This office designed by our designers is a wonderful example that displays the beauty and brightness of tinted glass and frosted glass partition.
  • The glass top conference table matches the walls creating an illusion of enhanced space. It improves the overall aesthetics of the meeting hall.
  • The open minimalist designer shelf is wonderfully simple and stylish.
  • The large pendant lights above the conference table offer direct lighting. The small hanging lamps and the recessed lighting make the room bright.


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