home stone cladding

Whatever the style of the home stone cladding gives a beautiful exterior look to the home. Stones have the unique feature of giving classic as well as modern look. Stonewall cladding does enhance the beauty of the property. Our designers have created an elegant and bold pattern to give the house a crisp and ageless look. This stone house strikes everyone with its romantic appearance. Our designers’ creativity and the desire to create something unique is reflected in this design.

  • The entire exterior walls are covered with brick cladding except for a single long vertical column and the steps.
  • The accent wall and steps are covered with natural rugged-looking white stones.
  • Windows placed symmetrically on either side of the tall vertical façade add ambience to the house.
  • The tall vertical façade with its translucent glass will let light inside the house.
  • Balconies placed above the windows give an airy and unique look to this two-storeyed house.
  • The three sloped roofs lend a modern look to the home and allow the rainwater to slide off.
  • Windows have an angled roof to match the sloping roofs.
  • Potted plants on the balcony add to the cool and refreshing look of the house.


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