Workspaces have moved away from traditional settings. Open and collaborative workspaces are replacing the cramped cubicles to improve productivity and collaboration. The above is one of the best examples of a modern office room.

  • Gone are the days when employees were tied to their tiny desks. Today desks are becoming broader to accommodate two or more employees in a desk. In this office, four employees share a single table. This increases collaboration and interaction between the employees. The white table with a glossy top is trendy and different from the dull brown office tables.
  • The open-plan workspace may sometimes be noisy. The glass partitions will keep away the excessive noise without affecting the openness and ambience
  • The green plants in the corner give a calming and relaxing effect. The low-care plant acts as an air cleaner too.
  • The artwork on the walls gives a pleasing look to the office room. The wall-mounted monitor gives a clean and organized look.
  • The recessed square lights make the workspace bright to uplift the mood of the employees. The hanging lights in the passage get rid of the gloominess of the passage.
  • The storage shelves are functional as well as aesthetic.


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