The Peachy world

The whole layout of the interior space are playful and uniquely designed for the kids, a small mirror wardrobe, dark blue and white wall drive the room into different force altogether. Small bed details and wardrobe designed for the kids in a way that it gives you the liberty to fetch your toys and your playful stuff to give a neat effect and it�s also designed in a way that it can be used after a certain time as a book shelves for your growing kids, Modern view of design to go with the new trends.

  1. The blue accent wall to give the room a new look.
  2. The wardrobe with mirror gives the comfort to your kids to get ready.
  3. The choice of furniture and its colors are very prominent.
  4. Adding colors gives the liberty to explore more.
  5. The wall, ceiling are given neutral color so, the design glow further.


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