Tailor Made Villa

This villa is tailor-made for an urban household and is breathtaking with a unique exterior. Its cozy, elegant and chic look makes it mesmerizing. The designers have created a unique design making use of vernacular materials. The minimalist design makes it warm and welcoming. The design lays more emphasis to view and natural lighting. Our designers have surely succeeded in creating a beautiful, warm and simple home with no complicated cladding and detailing.

  • The brown exterior gives depth, richness, elegance, natural earthiness and the sensuousness of chocolate.
  • The corner frameless window gives transparency and a modern look. It promises natural daylight and uninterrupted views. It gives a bold and distinctive appearance to the house. The area is sure to be bathed in natural sunlight. It creates a connection between the interior and exterior of the house.
  • The brick fašade column gives an aesthetic look and creates a catchy visual effect
  • The garage is supported by two concrete pillars. The open garage has a rustic look. Being an extension of the house it makes the house look more spacious.
  • The lighting on the sunshades highlights the minimalist beauty of the home.
  • The greenery freshens up the home without overshadowing the exterior design of the house.


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  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
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