Sloping Roofs House

Sloping roofs give a pleasing aesthetic look to homes and prevents rainwater and other natural elements from gathering at the top. This house is a perfect example of the beauty of different types of sloped roof for a large bungalow type house. The right pitch has been selected for all roofs to make it functional as well as aesthetic. This modern house is a beautiful creation of our designers to make it stand proudly and uniquely.

  • The house is divided into three parts. The middle part is taller with a cylindrical appearance and is the highlight of the property.
  • The long window from top to bottom in the column will make the room airy and bright.
  • The balcony is spacious and wide enough to have an uninterrupted view of the surrounding.
  • The left and right sides of the house are not symmetrical making it stylish and different. The roofs are different. The windows are different. The front elevation is different. There are no similarities that make the house distinctive and special.
  • The pitched roofs give a classic appearance to this modern house. Pitched roofs are versatile and give the designers the freedom to try their creativity. The above property is an example of this.


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