Sharing office workstation

Sharing office workstation is a great idea as it saves space and creates a flowing workspace. This simple office interior with a minimalist design creates a peaceful atmosphere to work fully focused. A tidy office with a tidy desk is a great place to work productively. Our designers have created to create an office interior that has both traditional and modern look.

  • The brick wall is fashionable with traditional charm. An exposed brick wall usually brings in too much red. Here the wall is whitewashed to give a rustic appeal to the room and creates a relaxed setting. The white wall creates a neutral look without disturbing the color scheme of the office.
  • The see-through partition brings in light, assures workspace privacy and opens the office for collaboration.
  • The motivational wall with ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ is not only inspiring but also is bringing life and beauty to the room. It is contrastingly in black color and is surely the spotlight of the office and steals the show.
  • The glass partitioned office with minimal greenery makes the place cool.
  • The hanging ceiling lights make the place bright and cheerful.
  • The identical shared workstation is a smart space-saving idea.


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