Pool houses

Pool houses are something to be proud of and something to impress others. With the homes shrinking in size, pools are also becoming smaller. A small pool in the front yard is the highlight of this stylish home. Our designers have done a good job to create a design that will give the feel of vacation throughout the year. Immersed in nature by the hills, the house is a dream come true for the owners. With lush greenery, relaxing atmosphere and rippling waters, this house is definitely paradise on earth. It is a perfect balance between natural beauty and clever architecture.

  • The massive windows promise beautiful views.
  • In the daylight, the pool is a turquoise beauty and in the nightlight, it is a mystic grey beauty with the reflection of lights dancing on the rippling water. The pool is part of the enclosed entry of the house. It is flanked by green shrubs to make the surroundings more relaxing.
  • The front yard has two seating areas, one at the entrance and the other at the center of the pool. The porch in the front with lounge chairs is inviting to relax in the evening.
  • The living room is open to the outdoors to have a glimpse forever on the dream front yard.


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