Office Interior 2

Less is more is the principle of minimalism. This clean and ergonomic interior designing is a wonderful example of minimalism in office. Maintaining a simple office with minimalist design avoids clutter that can be highly distracting. Our designers have created a magical stress-free working environment in this project. This workplace will definitely be appreciated by the employees.

  • Most people don’t like the idea of sharing a workspace. However, our designers have created a double workspace to solve this problem. The double workspace at the end is space-saving and looks welcoming. It ensures privacy and also ensures that neither person will distract the other.
  • The greenery at the corner appears to promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The indoor plants are a viable choice for a simple but fresh décor.
  • The artwork on the feature wall is highly inspiring. The art pieces hung on the wall adds beauty to the backdrop.
  • The desk lamp is tall enough to light up the whole desk area. The pendant lights hanging above the desk and the table make the office bright and create an overall ambiance.
  • The neutral colors make the place look wider, fuller and brighter creating a feeling of comfort and spaciousness.


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