Office Corridors

Corridors in an office are often neglected and kept bare but corridors are an integral part of any building and they need the same attention as other rooms. Our designers have created a beautiful corridor with a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

  • Lord Ganesha statue in the corner of the entryway not only adds to the beauty but it is also expected to bring positive energy and welcome prosperity. It is believed that Lord Ganapathy's statue will bestow good fortune in your endeavors.
  • The decorative ceiling beams make the passage interesting and add depth and warmth. Exposed beams always look distinct and give a rustic look and add drama.
  • This corridor is neither long nor big. So decorating it with a minimalist approach is a good idea. This adds finesse to the small space. The place is not overcrowded. It is neat with sufficient space for foot traffic.
  • The stylish lights hanging from the ceiling transforms the dingy passage into a well-lit space. Good lighting makes a huge difference to the place.
  • Right painting is important for a corridor to avoid it looking dark, dull and dingy. The bright-colored paint makes the place brighter. The red border running along the wall acts as an accent color in the neutral colored passage.


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