Minimalist office room

A minimalist office room with unique touches here and there will definitely look attractive and enhance the looks of your office. Our designers have created a spacious office room with transparent glass partitions. The open office environment looks stylish and elegant with simple interior designing. Our designers have succeeded in creating a tranquil workspace with simple colour schemes, plenty of light and transparent glass walls.

  • Frameless glass door creates privacy and adds a touch of style and elegance. It also maximizes the amount of light dispersed in the room and creates an illusion of brightness.
  • An unused wall is fitted with a cabinet with closed shelves for storage and open shelves to display decorative pieces. The open shelves with a few cacti plants, flowering plants and books look appealing.
  • A potted plant in the corner makes the space look fresh and green. Greenery has the ability to lift up the mood.
  • The artwork hanging on the wall gives an artsy touch to the office. It infuses energy into the office.
  • Various lighting techniques are combined to create a well-lit room. The recessed lighting (bulbs recessed into the ceiling) creates a modern look and brightens the space. The desk lamp provides target lighting. Pendant light provides soft illumination


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