Glass walls house

Glass walls make a house attractive and appealing because they give a modern appearance and a feeling of transparency. Glass walls bring better lighting to the house and improve the mood and focus of the residents. This house is secluded and has given the owners the freedom to opt for glass and the designers the freedom to think out of the box. The designers have succeeded in blurring the distinction between the inside and out and in bringing the outside in which is what the owners wanted.

  • The home has an open and airy look.
  • The glass doors connecting to the garden blend the indoor and outdoor.
  • Box windows with glass doors ensure plenty of natural light.
  • The generous window at the top provides a good view of the garden at the bottom.
  • The vernacular concept is adapted in the exterior designing that promises the utilization of natural lighting. This gives a warm welcoming appearance to the house.
  • Vernacular materials are used for cost-effectiveness and to lower the harmful impacts of transportation.
  • Materials like stone, glass, metal, and wood are used throughout the exterior designing.
  • The stone wall adds a contrasting accent. It adds flair to the exterior of the house.


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