Exquisite Blend Of Old And New

A well-designed home is not only about beautiful interior design but also about the unique exterior. It is the outside of the home that attracts the attention of everyone. A simple house can be made to look sensational with the mixed material exterior. The designers have succeeded in mixing the right materials in the right way to get the desired result.

The rustic stone pillar, the designer grill, the metal gates, glass windows and the slanting roof at the top give an elegant look to the exterior of this house. The long vertical stone pillar highlights the home and adds to its charm. The tall column of stone gives a perfect setting and a unique look to the home. The viewing platform at the top is wide and spacious.

  • A perfect blend of modern and old-style designing.
  • Blend of contemporary and traditional style with a homely and warm feel.
  • A perfect mixture of materials and style give a fabulous look.
  • The white color of the walls highlights the brisk colored column.
  • The column running from the bottom to the top makes the house look taller
  • Greenery is integrated through a row of trimmed shrubs and decorative palms. This innovative exterior certainly draws your eyes in.
  • The spacious balcony promises a great time in the evenings with your family and peaceful time spent alone with a cup of coffee on a rainy day.


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