Dynamic Workspace

Creating a dynamic and effective workspace utilizing the space available without burning holes in the pocket is a real challenge. Maximum space utilization is the key to create a cosy atmosphere in an office. Our designers have made most of the space available to create a collaborative and friendly atmosphere

  • The floor to ceiling framed glass partition works perfectly as a room divider letting light flood through and creating an open but private workspace.
  • One conjoined desk facing the wall and the other facing the glass partitioned room save lots of space promotes collaboration and group productivity. Colorful small transparent partitions in the desk will ensure that the employees are free of disturbances.
  • The exposed brick wall is not only fashionable but also lends a touch of traditional elegance. It has a bold and dashing look.
  • Yellow is a cheerful colour and the yellow accent wall sets a relaxing and bright atmosphere.
  • An indoor plant in a white ceramic pot with white stones is an accent piece in the room.
  • The open shelf with a few books adds an instant appeal to the room.
  • The large pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling make the place bright.


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  • Build & Install
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