Corner partition

Integrating a partitioning in a corner can create beautiful workspaces in an office. This small cubicle with glass partition is a cost-effective way to create a small office room with lots of light and minimum disruption. Our designers have successfully created a working environment to improve productivity and enhance the appearance of the office. It is a wonderful place to meet with the employees and clients in privacy without disturbing other workspaces.

  • The choice of flooring gives a fresh feel to the room. The medium tone wooden floor exudes warmth and creates a positive mood to the place.
  • The wall with asymmetrical designs adds to the uniqueness of the room. The random geometrical designs in neutral colors do not make the place jarring but give a cool look.
  • The floating shelves with cacti in small pots make the place visually appealing. Moreover, cacti are low maintenance plants but increase productivity and bring calmness.
  • The ceiling light and the hanging light give brightness to the place.
  • The small rectangular table brings stability to the room.


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