The waiting room

The waiting room is an important zone of an office. It is the place where you can impress your clients and other official contacts. A waiting room need not be always formal. It can be more welcoming and relaxing if it is informal. The above designer created by our designers is a perfect example of an informal waiting room.

  • The hexagon pattern adds a cool and aesthetic look to any space. In this office, our designers have highlighted one of the walls with a honeycomb pattern. The honeycomb pattern brings a natural touch to the room.
  • Artificial green leaves installed in the hex pattern add a soothing look and welcome the visitors
  • The colorful geometrical pattern on another wall adds colour and vibrancy to the room.
  • The interior is not only attractive but also comfortable with classy and stylish chairs. Minimalist furniture makes a statement in this waiting room.
  • The hanging pendant light over the waiting area gives brightness and warmth to the place. The lighting is well balanced. It is neither too bright to cause headaches nor too dim to make you feel miserable.
  • The floor and walls are of the same cream colour making the room cool and refreshing.


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