We are an architectural firm specialize in interior and provides End to End solution for residential, commercial and Hospitality.

Our team is having industry veterans with over 15 years of experience and consist of Architectects, Civil Engineers, Plumber, Electricians, vendors, structural engineers. In short a complete team to your space require.

Having one stop solution for your space need, we provide you a dedicated contact point for all the communication and update about your projects.

We are on a mission to provide complete interiors at a very competitive prices and make this market organised.

Just say hello to Design My Space.... and relax!

Design My Space provide services for residential, commercial and hospitality projects. We provide design or design and build services for

  1. Designing and developing new spaces.
  2. Renovating old spaces.

Where we undertake responsibility for the design as well as execution of your space and act as a 360 undertakers for the project. This vertical covers project design, material procurement, project management, project building, documentation, site safety and satisfactory handover.

So we are a reliable, all-encompassing, technologically advanced, consumer friendly 'Service design' based company'. Last we checked... that's very different from other design/architectural firms. Its also better, don't you think?

Indeed, we will take the complete responsibility and allocate a single point of contact for all executions. See How it Works!

We will showcase our capability and understand your requirement. To hire us you have to pay just Rs 5000 (adjustable) as a token and start working your dream home.

The token money you are investing is refundable if things doesn’t go as per your convenience.

2) you are good to go for the detailed drawing and 3d drawings with your desires as well, you can rest assured, your fortune and your time would not be wasted.

Pay us 25% of the estimated project cost after delivering all detailed drawing of the project to start execution and get assured.

3. here we get started with the construction of the space. Through which we cover all the aspects of construction and demolishing as per your convict and as per the detailed scope of work shared with BOQ,Like no other person we truly believe in creating the best.

Pay 25% after delivering all the civil work.

4. Fittings & fixtures stages are increasing we are getting close to the master piece in making.

By this time we are halfway there, Excited? so as we are.

Here we start giving the electrical supplies and attaching fixtures at the right places.

Pay us 25% and see your dream coming true.

5. Delivering the furniture Now we are coming to develop your dream place.

Furniture and all the soft furnishing aspects, filling the place with colors and giving it a style statement.

Let's celebrate

Your clean and gorgeous home!

We welcome you with handing over the keys of the place.

And the rest we clear on the monetary aspects.25% of the remaining expense..


We are the only firm in India that provides quality and timely delivery. We ensure this and give written commit for the same.

Type Design My Space Other Firms
Your Own Custom Designs 100% customized designs based on YOUR unique needs + aesthetic. Provides Design templates to choose designs
Technology Project Dashboards to give you proper update No standardised processes or technological support
Furniture Custom Designed furtniture.
High quality Factory finish both onsite and offsite depending upon projects
Limited choices as per a set catalog.
No clarity on materials used.
Responsibility and accountability 100% accountability for design & execution (Civil, Plumbing, Electricals, Carpentry, Ceiling & Furnishing) Accountability for designs only
Timely Delivery 2 Rs Sq Ft per day in case of late delivery No one is doing this
Warranty 360 Days written warranty once we deliver your space No written commitment


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
Book an Appointment with us! Call us or leave a request for an appointment online at Design My space We will send our site-expert to do an initial assessment of your site and help you with the following:
  1. Inform you about Design My Space offering
  2. Capture your requirement and analyzing your individual needs.