Valentine’s Day Décor For Your Special One

Valentine’s Day is round the corner. Are you wondering how to impress your special one? Are you not able to decide on what gift to give? Why don’t you surprise your loved one with a special décor? Spice up your home with the spirit of love. A thoughtful and beautiful décor can be the perfect gift to express your love.

  1. Lighting

There is nothing like lighting to spice up romance. Soft lighting is the best to evoke feelings of intimacy. It gets rid of stress. Dimmer switches are sure to induce intimate feelings. Placing mirrors to reflect the soft light is a good idea.



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  1. Romantic wall art and tapestry

Do your walls look bare? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to add romantic and creative wall art. A variety of hearts will add to the romance in the air. Soft and romantic designs on the wall will give a lovely touch to your walls. Floral tapestries can remain on your walls even after Valentine’s Day. It will make a beautiful addition to your home décor.



  1. Introduce soft textures

Soft textures are always welcoming. Faux, fur, velvet and velour are good examples of textures that give a cozy look to your home. Soft plush bed sheets, pillow covers and cushions will give a romantic finish. Soft draperies swaying in the wind would certainly make your bedroom romantically appealing. Pastel colored full length curtains in the living room will create romantic feeling.



  1. Let the mood start right from the dinner time

Decorate the table with fresh flowers, aromatic candle, beautiful laces, sheer fabrics and romantic centerpieces. Let the romantic mood start sparking from the dinner table. Pay attention to simple details on the dining table to impress your special one.



  1. Transform your room into a love shack

Let the walls, floor and the furnishings be adorned with pink and red heart shapes. Hearts have the power to set the romantic mood. Kiss print artwork will spark instant romance.



  1. Prepare a romantic bed

There are some things that are considered to be the symbols of Valentine’s Day and love. Flowers, roses, heart shapes and candles create the spirit of love and intimacy. Make the night of the Valentine’s Day intimate by decorating your bed. Your special one is sure to be swooned and left speechless.  You need not spend a fortune to decorate your bed. Just use a little creativity and spend some quality time to decorate the bed.


Romantic Valentines Day Bedroom Decorations

Romantic Valentines Day Bedroom Decorations


Don’t worry if you are too busy to spend time to decorate your home for your special one. Get the services of one of the best interior designers in North Delhi. They are sure to decorate your living room, dining room and bedroom to make your home romantic. Let the upcoming Valentine’s Day be filled with romance