Top Furniture Design Ideas For Your Living Room

Are Looking for some beautiful furniture designs? Design My Space is presenting here the top ideas of furnitur design for your home. The living room is the room you’re going to return to at the end of each day. It is the room that makes an impression on your guests and you just cannot afford for it to get cluttered! The kind of furniture that a house supports speaks volume and with the ever increasing designs and creativity, choosing the right furniture can become quite a task. We are here to help you! Browse through this article to take your pick at the aura and setting you would like your living room to have.

Beautiful Furniture Design Ideas 

An important thing to always remember is to try interesting and new things—a little unconventional of what you would call your taste. Most living room ideas revolve around tricking the eye into making the room look spacious than it actually is. In addition to that, you would like your living room to give out an aesthetic and cosy vibe and well, it has to be rich in a colour.

Storgae Furniture

This type of interior furniture design Tips for living room works best for small dwellings but works equally fine for living rooms that are bigger in size as well. Pieces of furniture that allow you storage space are blessings in disguise. Ottomans, sofas, even tables can be used to store stuff. If you’re not a fan of storing stuff in your living room, just remember that you don’t have to store any personal stuff there but rather one or two things of need like, say for instance, a shawl or a light blanket which can be pulled out casually when needed.

Another thing to do is to make the top of a medium-height storage cabinet your work desk or miniature bar or a place to pile up your books. You can also get a sofa or sofa-bed custom made with storage and double it up in function.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Your living must be relaxing and entertaining—that is its sole purpose. Placing mirrors in a living room does two things—it makes a small area look large and a large area, larger and it is just aesthetically pleasing to the amount that you’re bound to have a smile on your face each time you enter the room. When you see the vibrant, beautiful colours of your living room reflected in the mirrors, relaxation is going to come to you all on its own.

The trick lies in placing the mirror in a central location so as to make it the focal point of the room. Another option will be to put it behind a light source like a lamp or if you use candles. If having one or many large mirrors in your living room does not resonate with you, you can try to include multiple mirrors of different shapes in the form of photo frames. The kind of ambience this creates is just unmatchable.

Putting your Window to work

If you’re not a fan of having a mirror or a desk by the window, get a built-in sofa made to fit below your window supported by a storage cabinet where you can pile up things like books, art pieces, show-pieces etc.

Get creative with your coffee table

Whether or not the coffee table is in the centre is your aesthetic and convenience choice. But getting creative with the kind of table you place in the focal point is where the trick lies. You can use fold-up or expandable coffee tables to serve different purposes on different occasions. Tables with layers just increase the amount of food items that you can entertain at one time and if you’re running low on space, you can stash your tables or use one table for multiple purposes—say, for instance, using a laptop table as a desk.

Go Solo with the Furniture

If you’re not a social bird and like your living room to be minimally decorated, you can choose to opt for single-set chairs and ottomans whose presence can then be highlighted with other accessories and stuff. You can chose to have one of everything in your living room—one chair, one table, one storage cabinet—to enhance its spacious look. But we advise you keep just a couple of extra seats, you know, just to be polite.

Cushiony Tables

As crazy as the idea might sound, it is a highly popular idea! Placing a cushiony ottoman right in the centre of your room just solves a plethora of purposes. It is unconventional which is to say that it is going to make your interior furniture look unique and it can serve as a table when needed. Usually, it would provide for extra seating and a footrest. Triple duty Ideas for designer furniture!

Have Chairs all over

If you’re really constrained on the space limit that your living room allows, you can ditch the idea of cushions and place high chairs around a centre table of appropriate height. This little island can serve as your dining area, your study area, and your hangout area—all at once.

Ceiling Lights

As beautiful as floor lamps, or table lamps for that matter, may look, they require a dedicated spot. And sometimes having a floorlamp just doesn’t blend in with the theme of your living room. For this, you can opt to get ceiling lights—which offer a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Ceiling lights is interior furniture that can also be arranged so as to draw attention upwards giving a vertical dimension to the room.