Top 10 Tips for Modern Interior Design

Interior Designers in Delhi and NCR has come full circle in the modern era. It transitioned from simple to elaborate, and back to simple again in modern times. Contemporary design has a few telling signs – minimalism, practicality, clutter-free, quaint colours and loads of natural light.

The following tips will come in handy if you’re trying to achieve that perfect balance of simplicity, functionality and exuberance in a contemporary look.

Best Ideas for Modern Interior Designing

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 Tight Colour Palette - The Golden Rule of Minimalism

The easiest way to create chaos in your home is a scattered colour palette. It seem like a good idea to experiment with all sorts of colours at first but trust me, don’t do it!

For a minimalist look, choose for quaint colour schemes. Tonal Palettes (same colour family) and Neutrals are your best bet. Black, White, Grey and Beige are all time favourites for a good reason!

Even when you don’t want a completely minimalistic look, stick to tonal schemes. They will never fail you!


A quaint colour scheme means that whatever spice you add, will instantly become focal points. At the same time, it allows you to control exactly where to direct someone’s attention. Use complementary colours and be subtle with your accents. The aim is to create a focal point (or space), not a distraction.

Natural and Metallic Hues

Natural (wooden, earthy) colours complement minimalistic interior degigns effortlessly. They draw attention but fit in quietly, without screaming their presence. these are one of the best interior designing ideas.

The same can be said about metallic hues, but be careful not to overdo them. It is ideal to use both natural and metallic elements in combination, not overdoing either. The minimalistic setting must remain dominant.  (Quick Tip – Play with Golden and Silver in a Minimalistic Setting)

 Pay Attention to the Small Things

Everything you put on display in your home is art. Every small detail is an element in the overall composition of a room. In a minimalist setting, this is truer than anywhere else.

Dustbins, lamps, sofas, stools, paintings, cutlery, books, plants, table trays and virtually anything else you can imagine! Use all these elements to play around with lines, space, accents and colour.


Having stuck to your quiet colour palette, you can add flavour to your aesthetic using textures.

Handlooms, earthen materials, woollens, rugs, etc. are a great idea for a minimalist design scheme. Stick to the same colour scheme, carefully accentuating with complementary colours.

 Let in that Sunlight

A minimalist room is the perfect opportunity to showcase natural light. Flooded sunlight spreads evenly across a room, not highlighting anything in particular. This is ideal for a room with quaint elements.

(Quick Tip: Be sure to place an accent or a decoration in a place which receives the most light, to emphasize it. Alternatively, place further away from the light to downplay it.)


Don’t be afraid of empty spaces. That unsure feeling after seeing an empty space in your room is understandable, but don’t worry about it! Empty spaces are inviting and in fact, an intrinsic quality of a minimalistic design scheme.

 Plants breathe life into Minimalistic Spaces…so does art!

Instead of filling up your room with ornamental showpieces or fancy wall textures, use plants or art. They will both draw attention, but while the plants while bring a natural contrast to the plain ambience, the painting will become a focal point. Give both sufficient light.

Declutter…let them go!

Less is more. Remember that while designing a minimalistic home. Have an unused chair lying around in the corner? Remove it. A decorative table? Books, Records, Showpieces? Consider donating them!

Keep as much as is useful, and just a little bit on top. Apart from that, let it go! Once you do, enjoy the precious gift of space in your decluttered living room!

Low-Key Furniture

You don’t need to get those ultra-modern leather sofas, or those lifeless chairs. Go for somewhere in the middle – stylish, but functional.

The furniture should not draw all the attention of a visitor at first glance. That’s the job of the accents. But, it should be aesthetically pleasing enough to host a visitor for a long time.

The most important thing – minimalist furniture must serve its purpose better than others. Avoid curvy and fancy, and opt for simple and firm instead.

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