Top 10 Stylish Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking for best bathroom interior designers in delhi? Because Your home’s shower area has to be perfect. Though it is a petite space, it is the most important part of the house, and if it isn’t well-functioning, nothing in the house can be. And even though predominantly, bathroom interiors have stayed primitive and simple, it is high time home-owners started experimenting with this little space. To aid the process, we have a list of the finest bathroom design ideas that are bound to transform your bathroom into a beautiful powder room.

Tiles Tiles everywhere

While this may appear to be the most common bathroom design, it can be the most beautiful if only one were to use their imagination. A tiled bathroom is easy to maintain, and let’s admit it, looks gorgeous. With the right tiles, colours, and lightings, tiled bathroom designs for home can work really well.

Poster/Wall Papers 

Homeowners can replicate the designs mostly employed by 5-star hotels into their powder rooms to create a room that is convenient and pretty at the same time. Decorating your bathroom walls with wall paper of vintage, contemporary, or modern art/patterns is just the next modern and best bathroom designs. Wallpapers give a very whimsical and artistic look to your bathroom. Combined with the right kind of mirrors and bathroom accessories, it is bound to work wonders for your home.

Stone Walls 

This bathroom decor ideas works best for people who consider themselves to be the children of nature. Stone walls, with optional effects of water and greenery, project a dramatic yet soothing look. With the right amount of yellow or white lights and the perfect vanity accessories, it can be turned into the perfect shower area. The edgy stone walls can also be contrasted with plain and basic tiles to create a fusion and adding a shower stool also helps.

Grey all over 

 Well, if you are a fan of minimalistic designs which have the capacity to take people’s breath away, going all grey for your bathroom decor would be a good idea. While grey appears to be a dull colour, it shouts sophistication and when combined with a pinch of colour and abstract art, visual pleasure is achieved.

Dramatically Dark 

This master bathroom idea is for drama-lovers. Mostly bathrooms are made out to be calm with bright and soft colours but creating new trend is, after all, what creativity is about. Pick the most dramatic colour black and blend it with silver or golden light fixtures and vanity accessories to achieve a bold and unconventional bathroom décor.

Vintage Vanity

Well, how can one forget the beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and pretty bathrooms that vintage-inspired designs create? The choice of soft and blending colours with an addition of a basic basin and floral accessories offers a cosy, nature-inspired bathroom interior. This design works best for small bathroom renovations as the size and the design help in creating a warm, home-like feeling.

Fine Marbles

Pearly white marbles paired with plain, simple vanity and bright light fixtures have to be the most exquisite and elite bathroom decor idea. For home-owners who believe in making elite statements, this is the ideal bathroom renovation idea and works well for both large and small bathrooms.

Drawers instead of Cupboards

Using drawers for storing bathroom essentials is emerging as the latest bathroom interior design idea. This is one of the most beneficial designs for smaller bathrooms and allows for additional accessories in the shower space.

Rustic Wodden Shower Space

If you’re not a fan of tiles and wallpapers for your bathroom, you can opt for the very recent rustic look with wooden vanities and fittings. The natural look of wood adds a dimension of earthy ambience and can be paired with minimal tiles on the walls. The wooden based designs also allow space for experimenting with the flooring to give the bathroom as a whole, a unique and innovative look.

Metallic Master Bathroom

Though the name says master, this design suits both small and big bathrooms alike. Inspired by the art of copper, the design features on marrying metal and marble to create a fusion bathroom decor. Ideas like this allow for a lot of creativity and well, look aesthetically pleasing. Pairing copper with dark and light vanity and walls allows for a bold and dramatic look which is soothing at the same time.