Skillful Use of the Empty Tissue Boxes For Home Decor

Home decorations or interior designs are part of individual choices and people can use small recycled items to decorate their homes in a smart way. Your home is the place where you want to get a full sense of satisfaction and thus it is important to make the feel of the house as you desire. Different small items of decorations in your homes can be used to create crafts that are useful and at the same time reflects a wonderful look of your rooms. Tissue boxes can play a major role in decorating your home interior and this article will showcase different ideas for home decoration with tissues.


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During the cold and flu season, your home will be full of tissue boxes in a short amount of time. Consider transforming the tissue boxes into one of the useful household items before you toss an empty tissue box in the recycle bin. If you are short of ideas, take help from interior decoration firms who will provide innovative ideas to decorate the home with tissues. You could use 25 innovative ways to recycle the tissue boxes and repurpose them into amazing creations.


What can be done with empty tissue boxes?


  1. You can organize yourself better with empty tissue boxes. These boxes are small enough to carry around or trash in small spaces, but the storage is large in there. Consider storing the plastic grocery bags in your old tissue boxes.

  2. It is the time to get crafty using the empty tissue boxes. Keeping the house clean in allergic season can be a chore and it can be made easier with diverse strategies using the craft supplies. Mostly the boxes are used for storing something or the other.

  3. Repurpose the empty tissue boxes. Decorate the empty tissue boxes of all sizes to create a building block set. The empty tissues boxes are painted and restructured accordingly for a beautiful artwork hanging in your living room wall.

Best Ideas to Decorate your Home with Tissue Boxes


Repurpose the tissue box storage


The empty tissue boxes can be used in the best way for storage. Attach them together and hang them to the wall. They are great for makeup and toys. Cover the boxes with contact paper or leave them as they are if they’re decorative. It is the best way to get some additional storage option.


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Kids learning boxes


Make the empty boxes into your play time item for the little ones. The baby play box is easy to put together and helps with hand/eye coordination. You can also use different colors and teach them about colors as they are older.


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Monster candy dish


Are you planning a party in your home? The monster candy dishes are perfect for the scene. You can make them out of empty tissue boxes and they are too adorable. They are perfect for holding candies and other kid’s items.


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Inexpensive drawer organizers


Turn the empty tissue boxes into organizers to keep socks and other items in place. It comes in handy to separating socks, underwear and other items in your drawers.


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Tissue box framed wall art


If you are purchasing decorative tissue boxes, then you can easily turn them into beautiful framed art. Several themed wall art can be made from the empty tissue boxes.


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Grab the empty tissues boxes and make some wonderful things. Tissue boxes are mainly used or preferred in winter or spring seasons and as the season is over your home is filled with plenty of empty boxes. Use these boxes smartly to orchestrate a different feel and vibe.