How to Choose Right Color for Your Home

Are you planning to paint your home? Are you in a dilemma on what color to choose? Are you worried that a wrong decision will make you regret your choice whenever you enter your home? Don’t worry. Follow a few simple tips will help you to pick the right shade.

First you should know about the colors and color schemes.


  • Primary colors – Red, blue and yellow
  • Secondary colors – Orange, green and purple. They are formed by combining equal parts of two primary colors. For example, when you mix equal parts of blue and yellow gives green color. 
  • Tertiary colors – They are formed when unequal parts of primary and secondary colors are combined. White and black are added to lighten or darken these hues. 

Color schemes

  • Monochromatic color scheme – In this scheme tone of a color is softened or darkened by adding white or black. Then the hues of the same shade are used. For example, sky blue and midnight blue etc. 
  • Analogous color scheme – In this scheme colors next to each other in the color wheel are used. For example, yellow, green and orange. 
  • Contrast color scheme – In this color scheme, contrasting colors like yellow and orange, green and blue are used. 
  • Complementary color scheme – In this scheme, two opposing colors like blue and orange are used. 

Tips to choose the right color 

  • A light color paired with dark color always looks good. Do you prefer to have pale walls? If so, you should go for contrasting bold furniture. If you prefer brighter walls, your furniture should be subtle. 



  • The color should suit the room. For example, the atmosphere in the kitchen is entirely different from the atmosphere in the bedroom. Your bedroom should look relaxing and peaceful whereas a kitchen should be vibrant and energetic. Choose the appropriate colors to set the mood of the room. 



  • Are you painting a new home or are you repainting your old home? If you are painting your new home, you can choose the paint first. Then you can decide the color, style and pattern of upholstery and furniture. If you are repainting your old home, you should pick a color to suit the color and pattern of the existing furniture. 
  • You should create a color flow in your home. The colors in one room should complement the color in the adjacent room. 


If you are going for contrasting colors in the adjacent rooms, make sure that the rooms are connected with rugs or other accessories. 


When you are creating a color scheme, start with the formal areas like living room and dining room. Then choose the colors of the other rooms to create a flow. 


  • If you like dark colors don’t be afraid to use them. Dark colors on walls make right choice for hanging art work. It is generally a misconception that dark colors will make your home look smaller. 



  • Use the rule of 60-30-10. What is this rule? It refers to 

60% of dominant color (walls) 

30% of secondary color (Upholstery

10% of accent color (Accessories)

This ratio ensures that your home is perfectly balanced. 

Here are a few best 60-30-10 combinations. 

White, gray and red

Yellow, green and white

Blue, pink and white

Green, white and black 

Lavender, white and dark blue

Green, blue and yellow. 


Get the services of an interior designer to give you tips on 60-30-10 rule. 

  • You should make the smaller spaces of a room to pop by painting it in a bright and contrasting color. 



Don’t make a rush decision while choosing paint colors. Use testers first. The lighting of a room will give a different effect. Moreover, the color will look different in different times of a day. Paint with testers. Observe for a day before making a final decision. 



Are you still not able to make the right choice? Go for interior design consultation. Your doubts will be cleared by experts and you will be able to make the best choice without being afraid of making a wrong choice.

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