How To Make Small Spaces Look Big

Lots of people live in small homes with small rooms. If you are one of them, have no regrets. In fact, small is beautiful; small is cozy and small is practical. Nevertheless, if you do want to make it look bigger you can do it easily. Do you want to know how?

  1. Avoid overstuffing

This is the #1 rule to make small spaces look big. Be it the shelves or the floors or the countertops, there should be no overstuffing. Leaving empty spaces will create a spacious look and give true depth to the room. Floor to ceiling shelves makes small spaces look bigger.

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The free spaces in the floor to ceiling shelf and on the floor give a spacious look to this room. An interior home designer will guide you on how to leave free spaces.

  1. Plan the lighting cleverly

Go for a variety of lighting options. Small table lamps, a standing lamp in the corner of the room and lights on the wall will make small spaces look bigger. Dim and dark corners are brightened when there is a standing floor lamp in the corner of the room. This gives the illusion of a bigger room.

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  1. Draw the attention to a highlighted piece

Place an accented piece like an indoor plant or a contrast cushion away from the door. When the eyes are drawn to something away from the door, your room will appear to be bigger than its actual size. Be wise in choosing the right accent piece.

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  1. Get the rug right

A rightly chosen rug will enhance the size of your room whereas a wrongly chosen one will give the adverse effect. Make sure you select the right choice. One large rug is better than several small rugs. Furniture should sit on the rug. If it is not possible, make sure that at least the front legs of the furniture sit on the rug.



  1. Draw the eyes to the ceiling

When your eyes are drawn upward the small space will certainly look bigger. To draw eyes to the ceiling you should have wall papers on the ceiling or you can paint bold patterns on the ceiling or you can have shelves close to the ceiling or fill the walls vertically with art works.

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  1. Leave the legs of the furniture exposed

Don’t cover the legs of the bed with bed skirts. Bigger furniture with exposed legs is the key to make a room look bigger.


  1. Use mirrors to give depth

Well placed mirrors can do wonders in making rooms look bigger. Create a focal point and angle your mirrors towards it. Mirrors on walls give your rooms a bigger and open feel. Tall mirrors draw the eyes upward that makes the room feel more spacious. You can also add a collection of mirrors to the wall. This will reflect light all over the room giving it a bigger look.



  1. Use light fabrics

It is not a wise decision to go for heavy fabrics if you have a small space. Stay away from velvet and other heavy fabrics. Light fabrics like cotton, linen and sheer fabrics are the best to create a feel of airiness and openness.


Now that you know how to make your home look bigger, what are you waiting for? Are you wondering how to start and where to start? Why don’t you contact DesignMySpace, interior designer for home?