How To Design Your Room Based On Your Age

Whatever your age is, your room should be a reflection of you and your personality. This is an undisputable fact. As you grow older your tastes change. It is important that you redesign your room to meet your changing tastes. However, there are a few common things to take into consideration when you are in a particular age group.

How to design your room when you are in your teens?

I am sure, as a teen, your room is not merely a room to sleep, but a place to escape from the world, a place to lounge with your friends, a place to do your homework and a place to do other work. If you have big room, make sure you design a multi-purpose room.


An area to work


An area to lounge with friends

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It is not a problem if your room is not very big. You can still have a multi-purpose room.


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You can go for bold designs and bright colors because electric décor gives you positive energy and happiness.

How to design your room when you are in your 20’s?

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This is a transition period. You are no longer a teenager and you are not yet an over responsible adult. This is the time when your salary may not be very high and when you are on a budget. Your room is limited by your budget. You can accept old furniture handed over to you by your parents. All you have to do is to update them with new covers. You probably must be living in a rental apartment. You will not have much choice with lighting and wall décor. Floor lamps will brighten up your room and wall papers are the cheap and best options to decorate your walls. Go for budget friendly storage facilities. Beds with under bed storage space are the best option.

How to design your room when you are in your 30’s?


Hopefully, you should have settled well in your job and you no longer need to design your room on a budget. Get rid of the budget furniture like bean bags. This is the time when you host parties for your friends at home. Floor cushions are the right option when you have fun with your family and friends. Decorate your room with art. Are you planning to start a family? Let the décor and the environment of your room be kids-friendly.

How to decorate your room when you are in your 40’s?

40s: A Comfortable Sofa


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This is the time to go for luxury. It is time for sophistication. Make yourself comfortable with luxurious rugs and sophisticated furniture. A comfortable bed with quality linens is important. Create a comfortable home office. You should have traveled quite a lot when you are in your 40’s. It is time to display them with pride. Provide space for your kids to work and play in your room if your children are still school goers.

How to design your room when you are in your 50’s?

50+: A Library

Your children should be older and they should have moved over. You can design your room without worrying about children spoiling the furniture and about children tripping over and falling. You will have extra space in your room. It is time to fill those extra spaces with things you love. Do you love reading? Create a library. Architects in Noida will design your room to suit your needs and tastes.

How to design a room when you are in your 60’s?

50+: A Display Cabinet

You are nearing your retirement life. Let your room become your personal oasis. You can plan for a garden outside. You can design outdoor barbecuing to have fun with friends. Display your vintage collection.

Age is just a number. Don’t worry about aging. Have fun. Get the services of Design My Space, best interior designer in Noida.