How To Design Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Design My Space is one of the best Architect Company in Noida. A restful sleep is essential if you want to stay healthy and active. There are many factors that could affect your sleep. One of the main factors is your sleeping environment. Right design and right décor of your bedroom is very essential for quality sleep. How to design your bedroom for better sleep? Here are some helpful tips. Top interior design companies in Delhi will give you better guidance.

  1. The darker the bedroom the better will be your sleep

Melatonin is the hormone that induces sleep. Exposure to light affects the melatonin production. Right lighting will help you to sleep deeply and restfully. Dim and warm lights send the signals to your brain to produce more melatonin. There are a few tips to follow to keep your room dark.

  • Street lights and lights from the TV screen from your neighbor’s home will disturb you. Keep the lights out with curtains or drapes for windows.


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  • Warm lights should be fitted to keep the room dark.

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  • ‘Dimmer lights’ with remote controlled switches is a good option for keeping the room dark. You can dimmer the lights when you start feeling sleepy.  They are available in many soft hues.

  1. Cooler the wall colors the better will be your sleep

Painting your room in cool tones gives you a relaxed feeling and calms you to deep sleep. This is a scientifically proven fact. It is true that bright and vibrant colors will enliven your room but if you have trouble sleeping, it is better to avoid them. Colors like blue, pale yellow and light green are the best choices for your bedroom walls. It is better to stay clear of purple, brown and gray for bedroom. “Architect in Noida”


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  1. The quieter the room the better will be your sleep

Noise is one of the main culprits that affect your sleep. You should soundproof your bedroom if you want to sleep soundly. “Architect Company in Noida”

  • Hang heavy curtains from ceiling to block sound from outside.


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  • If the walls are thin you can consider adding book shelves to block sound.

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  • You can install sound machines that produce soothing sounds like sound of falling rain and melodious music etc. The soothing sound from sound machine will drown out the loud and disturbing noises from outside.  

  1. Right mattress for better sleep with “Design My Space”

Is your mattress sagging? How old is your mattress? Most of the mattresses are designed to last for ten years. If your mattress is more than 10 years old you should replace it with a good one to suit your height, weight and sleeping position.


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  1. The cleaner the room the better will be your sleep

The environment affects your mind to a large extent. Too much clutter will make your mind restless. A study shows that more the clutter in the bedroom the longer it will take to fall asleep. Get rid of the clutter and keep your bedroom organized. Make use of the best storage options to store your things without cluttering your bedroom. Interior designers will help you to declutter your bedroom. Design My Space, architect in Noida is one of the good options.


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Have a good night’s sleep to stay physically and mentally healthy.