Home Design Ideas To Amaze Your Guests

Everyone has some ideas how their dream home should be. Some want to design their home in a modern way; some want to design it traditionally and some love to design in a mixed style. Home design ideas are endless. However there are some ideas that everyone will love. Do you want to wow your guests? Here are some interesting ideas. You can get them done with the help of a best interior designer in Noida.

  • Entryway design ideas

It is the entryway that creates the first impression on the guests. It is important that the first impression to be the best impression if you do want to create a ‘wow’ feeling. How to welcome your guests in a stylish way?

  • Start from the floor. You should set down a rug.

  • The foyer should not be dark. Invite your guests with right lighting that brighten up the area.

  • Do you love traditional décor? Place a small statue or a painting of your favorite God. This will give a traditional feel. To make sure it blends with the décor get suggestions from a best designer in Noida like Design My Space.

  • Place a flower arrangement on a small table to add color and freshness to the entryway.

  • Use small accessories to decorate blank wall.

  • Small baskets or stands or shelves to leave shoes are a must if you want to avoid clutter.









  • Living room design ideas

The living room is the place where you entertain your guests. It is the place where you can have them clean bowled. The décor and design of a living room should be cozy and create a relaxing atmosphere. If you love traditional designing you can hang a swing in the living room. Antique chairs will look good when you have a swing in the living room. Hang traditional paintings like Tanjore paintings and Ravivarma paintings to add charm to the walls. Complete with Kashmiri carpets. You can also mix traditional and modern style to give a unique appearance to your living room. If your living room is small you will not have enough space to hang swings but you can still bring the traditional look with the rightly chosen furniture and décor. Be it traditional style or modern style, it will look good if it is done by a best interior designer in India.






Indian Home Decoration Ideas 20 Amazing Living Room Designs Style Interior Design And


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  • Dining room design ideas to amaze your guests

Meal times with your guests should be a pleasure and should create memories. The dining table should not be too large or too small. It should suit the size of the room. Artwork on the walls and table decorations will add beauty and freshness to your dining room. Lighting should be bright. Dimmer switches help in creating an intimate atmosphere. Draw the attention of the guests with color, pattern and style.



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  • Bathroom design ideas

Guest bathrooms should not be neglected. Installing glass shower stalls, beautiful mirrors and bright lighting will amaze your guests. A best interior designer in Noida will surely make your bathroom spectacular.


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  • Kitchen design ideas

The kitchen is the heart of your home. A kitchen should be beautiful and functional. Choose the right colors for cabinets and walls. Pale colors give an elegant look whereas bright colors give a cheerful look. Creating accents will make your kitchen look brighter and bigger. Select the colors to choose your tastes. Getting the guidance of a best interior designer in Noida is a good option if you want everything to be perfect in your kitchen.


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  • Bedroom design ideas

A bedroom should be calm, relaxing and soulful if you want to impress your guests. Carpets, lightings, furniture and wall décor are the major details that define the beauty of a bedroom. Carefully choosing them and placing them in the right spots is the key to the good look of the bedroom.


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A best interior designer in Noida like Design My Space is sure to design and decorate your home to amaze your guests. Add warmth to your home and create a welcoming atmosphere to make them feel welcomed and relaxed.