Fabrics to Keep Your Home Warm in Winters

Winter is here. There is nothing to dread about winter. In fact, winters can be really enjoyable if you protect your home with the right fabrics.

Do you wear a thin t-shirt when you step out of your home for an early morning walk in the winter? Do you wear lightweight silk clothes when you go for a late night party in the winter? I am sure your answer will be a big NO. The same thing applies for your home too. It is the thick and heavy fabrics that you should go for to keep your home warm in winter.

What are the right fabrics?


How To DIY a Wool Blanket Curtain — ReadyMade

Wool acts as an insulator and traps heat inside. When the heat inside the room is trapped it is sure to keep your home warm.



Linen is a natural insulator. Being a natural fiber it keeps your warm in winter and cooler in summer. It helps in retaining heat and warmth of your home during winter.


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It is one of the heaviest fabrics. It is soft and fleecy and is a good choice for winter. Flannels are so soft and inviting that you will start loving cold winters. Flannels are best insulators because there is much air trapped within the fluffy surfaces of flannel. This ultimately results in trapping of heat.



Velvet is a woven fabric that traps warmth. It has a luxurious look. It improves the looks of your home apart from giving warmth.


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Leather is a great choice for keeping your home warm in winter. It may feel cold to touch but it is good for winter because of its heat trapping feature.

Now that you know the top fabrics to keep your home warm in winter, you should know how and where to install them in your homes.


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Windows are the main source that lets the cold air inside. They should be covered with thick curtains using the right fabric to keep your home warm. Here is an important tip: If it is sunny in the daytime keep the curtains open to let the warmth enter. When the sun starts to set close the curtains to prevent the warmth from going out. A good interior designer in Noida will give you useful tips on choosing the right curtains.

Flooring --

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Keep the floors warm with thick rugs and carpets. They help in retaining warmth and keeping your feet warm.

Bedding --

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Your beds should be cozy and warm. If you want to have a snug and warm sleep you should change the bedding fabric.

Sofa --


Let your sofa be warm, inviting and snuggle worthy. A comfy sofa with warm pillows, cushions and throws will make you curl up forever during winters.

Wise choice of fabrics and using them wisely on the right places will keep your home warm this winter. Are you not sure if you could do it yourself? Don’t worry. Design My Space, one of the best home interior designers in Noida will help you in keeping your warm and beautiful this winter.