Decorate Your Temple With These Amazing Ideas

Most Indians prefer to have a place in their homes to perform pooja. A temple or pooja room or mandir is the integral part of all Indian homes. Depending on the size of the home the size of home mandir may differ. Although a separate room is preferred by most people in India, lack of space in small urban apartments have reduced home temples to a small shelf or a cabinet or a corner. Whatever be the size of your home temple you can make it elegant and beautiful by following a few simple ideas and by getting suggestions from an interior home designer.

  1. Home temple in a spacious home

Do you have sufficient space in your home to allot a separate room for performing pooja? If so, you can design it beautifully in a traditional way or modern way or combining both traditional and modern ways. You can go for traditional wooden doors with bells or modern glass doors or you can leave the room open without doors. You can decorate the walls with framed pictures of Gods. Glass temples with marble walls will look elegant and are easy to maintain too. Wooden temples with intricate designs are not easy to clean but give a traditional look. Combining wood and glass is a good idea because wood and glass fit all types of décor and never look out of place. If you are not able to decide which style will suit your home, you should consult, Design My Space, a popular name in interior designing.



Pooja Mandir




Glass Temple

Glass & Wooden pooja mandir designs


  1. Outdoor home temples

Home temples need not always be indoors. If you have enough space outside your home you can design an outdoor temple. If you have unused space outdoors it is really wise to have your pooja room there. When surrounded by greenery in the garden it looks really beautiful and divine.  You can also utilize the space between the entryway and corridor to design your home temple. This space makes an ideal worship place.


Image result for pooja room outside the house

Pooja Room Decor


  1. Temple ideas when you don’t have enough space

When you don’t have enough space for a separate room you have several options. What are they?

  • Dedicate a corner

You can dedicate a corner for pooja room. Adding backlights and hanging bells will create a divine atmosphere.

Image result for alcove temple in a corner

Puja room Designs


  • Create an enclosure

You can create an enclosure wherever you want and wherever you have space. The enclosures can be wooden or glass or of any other material recommended by your interior home designer.


Glass Mandir Designs


  • Create one in your living room

It is enough if you allot a little space in your living room. Unique focus lighting with a small false ceiling will separate it from the rest of the room and give it a distinct look. Get suggestions from an interior home designer to select the right false ceiling, wall panel and flooring.


Pooja Room Design


  • Beautiful cabinets work well for small homes

Pooja cabinets are available in stunning designs. You can go for customized cabinets or readymade cabinets. A pooja cabinet can be fit wherever you want to. It can be in the living room or kitchen or dining room wherever you have ample space. Cabinets can be wall mounted to save floor space. If there is enough space on the floor you can place it on floor. Marble pooja mandap looks elegant. You can even convert one of the cabinets in the kitchen or living room into a small temple.





  • Devote an entire wall for your home mandir

Do you have a blank wall that makes the whole room look dull? Are you looking for options to cover it? Don’t rack your brains. You can create a pooja room on the blank wall with multiple shelves placed at right intervals or a single large shelf. An interior home designer will help you to convert a blank wall into a pooja space.


Pooja Room Design



The prayer space in your home is a place of serenity, sanctity and divinity. Design it with a help of a good interior home designer like Design My Space.