Best Indoor Lamp Designs For Your Home

A beautifully designed home with tasteful décor will lose its impact if it is not lighted properly. Lighting is one of the important elements of a home that will certainly influence everything else in your home. A good lighting should be a mixture of ambient, task and accent lighting. You should select the right lamp designs. There is a myriad of options for you to choose from. Go ahead to know about the best indoor lamp designs for your home.

Sconce – It is a light that is affixed to the wall. They have no base on the ground and hence they are space saving. They are the popular option to light small areas in your home like corridors and foyers and also for accent lighting in bedrooms and living rooms.

Wall Sconces Uplight Sconces

Wall Sconces Indoor Wall Sconces

Chandelier – It is not just a light to illuminate your home but a jewelry that gives you a beautiful and luxurious look to your home. Gone are the days when chandeliers were exclusively meant for big bungalows of the rich and famous. Today they are hung in all types of homes including small apartments. There is a world of mini chandeliers to brighten up your apartment. There are many types of chandeliers like crystal chandelier, glass chandelier, candle style chandelier, sputnik chandelier, drum chandelier and many more.

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Mini chandelier for dining room

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Mini chandelier for living room


Sputnik chandelier

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Candle type chandelier

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Drum type chandelier

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Luxurious crystal chandelier

Industrial Scissor Accordion Wall Lamp

Young House Love Dapper Adjustable Arm Wall Sconce

Swing arm lamps – As the name suggests these lamps come with an adjustable swinging arm. They are the best option for targeting a particular spot or for lighting a small area.

Floor lamps

Torchiere lamp – It is one of the types of floor lamps. Torchiere lamps have a tall body with shades pointing upside to provide accent and ambience lighting. Due to the upward lighting it provides extra lighting than the other floor lamps.

Garver Bronze Torchiere Floor Lamp with Reader Arm

Tree lamps – Multiple lights branch out from a single stand like branches from a tree. This is a fabulous choice to provide ambient lighting.

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Tripod lamps

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This is one of the floor lamps with a three legged base. It is not suitable for small rooms because it occupies a lot of space than usual floor lamps.

Table lamp – It is generally thought to be a reading lamp but it is a good décor piece and acts as a filler light source to coordinate the primary light source. They are the best options for side tables, night stand and counters.

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Built in lighting – It provides soft and warm lighting without a blinding glare to your eyes. It is the best choice for ambient lighting. It can be used anywhere in your home including bed room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room and living room. Built in lighting should be planned in advance. An interior designer in Noida NCR will be of great assistance to you.

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There is an endless supply of lamp designs to illuminate your room. A good interior designer in Noida extension like Design My Space, will help you to make the right choice. Light up your home with an assortment of the right lamp designs.

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