5 Ways To Embrace Your Room Maximalist

Minimalism has been ruling the interior designing almost for two decades. Furnishing without clutter, neutral colors and no fuss interiors have been dominating the home interiors for a long time but now maximalism has found its way into the interiors again. Do you want to embrace maximalism in your home?

Play with Colors


Who said neutral colors and usage of limited colors are the right options to make your home beautiful? You can make your home beautiful by mixing bright, bold and contrast colors to create uniqueness. Let your walls be adorned with bright colors. Let the furnishings and accessories may be in contrast to the wall color.

More is More



What is maximalism about? It is about ‘more is more’. More texture, more furniture, more patterns, more accessories, more objects and more of everything else is the main mantra of maximalism. Go for ‘no rules decoration’. More of everything is the secret to embracing maximalist style in your room.



Maximalist style is all about layering. Layer of patterns, layer of colors and layer of textures is the highlight of maximalist style. Are you a person with complex personality? Then you ought to go for more layers. The more the layers the more it shows your complexity. Layer the accessories, the lighting, the display, the wall art and everything else. Make sure that you have layered your room with all that you love. Layering is an art. Design My Space, residential interior designers in Delhi will help you to make sure the layering is done perfectly.

Fusion Style


Maximalist style is synonymous to fusion. If you want to embrace maximalist style of interiors for your room, you need not worry about same style of furniture, same style of patterns and same style of textures. You can mix them all together in the same room to create a visual magic. You can combine modern furniture and antique furniture.


You can display your wide array of collectibles together. You can display all things that make you happy and that make you nostalgic.  


There is no need for a specific theme or specific pattern. Different textures and a variety of patterns is one of the style features of maximalism.

Loud Styles on the Wall and Floor


Loud and dominating prints filling the walls of your home reflect maximalist style. Just go wild in selecting prints on your walls. Throw bold motifs and flamboyant colors to the walls. Wall papers with loud patterns and bold colors will make a dramatic makeover to your home. Flooring with contrasting patterns and carpets different textures will complement the loud styles on the walls.



Maximalist style is bold. It is unique. It is vogue. It is stylish. Go for it. Embrace maximalist in your home to make it bold and beautiful. Get the help of one of the top architects in Delhi to make it maximalist but not messy.