5 Ways To Design And Décor Your Dream Room

No two individuals are alike. Everyone has tastes of their own. The dream room of one person will not be the dream room of another. There is nothing right or wrong in designing the dream room. Your room is a retreat to give your peace and comfort. So it is you and you only who can decide what you need to create your dream room. However, there are a few common things that you should remember to design and décor your dream room. One of the best interior designers in Delhi will surely help you to design and décor your dream room.

Pick Your Favorite Color

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Paint the walls with your favorite color. Room with your favorite paint and matching décor will surely be the first step in creating your dream room. When you enter your room and when you are greeted with your favorite color you will surely feel peaceful and happy.

Restrict the Noise From Outside

Noise from outside can be highly disturbing. A peaceful room is a common feature for any dream room. Following few simple tricks can make your dream room sound proof.

Incorporating thick fabrics and textiles is one of the best ways to block noise from outside. Hang heavy curtains for the windows that face the street. Thick carpets on the floor are also effective in cutting off the exterior sound substantially.



Installing glass partitions is very helpful for sound insulation. Contact an interior designer in Delhi to know about the types of glass partitions available.


Beds with frames to hang curtains are a cost effective solution to block sound.

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Show off your favorites  


Let your room speak your mind. Let it show off your favorites. Are you a football fan? Let the décor show off your love for the sport. Living in an atmosphere that speaks of your favorites is a bliss.

Let your treasured photos rekindle your memories

Let them take you back to the unforgettable moments in your life. Let the photos of your loved ones bring warmth to your heart. Let them bring smiles to your lips. Let them bring twinkle to your eyes. You can just stick them to the wall or make a collage or you can attach them to a string with cloth pins and let them hang on a bare wall. You can attach twinkling lights to the string and switch them on when you want a festive atmosphere in your dream room.


Bedroom lighting is an art. It can make a lot of difference in the atmosphere of your room. Your dream room will not be complete without the right visual effects created by appropriate lighting. You have to select the right bulbs; you have to fix them in the appropriate places; you should make decisions on accent lighting; you have to decide on bedside lamps, ceiling lights, ambient lighting and many more. It needs a lot of planning and research. Why should you rack your brains and feel stressed when you can get it done through Design My Space, the best interior designers of Delhi?


It is true that your dream room is a recreation of your visual imagination but it can be made true with the help of a good interior decorator in Delhi.