5 Unique Ways To Display Your TV

TV is not only a source of entertainment but also an important aspect in the interior designing of your home. Gone are the days when TVs were considered to be an ugly thing that should be hidden below wall pictures and shelves. Today the modern TVs are well designed. They are beautiful and functional. They should be displayed with style to make them the focal point. Get the ideas of an interior designer to avoid making wrong decisions.

Unique ways to display your TV

  1. In tailor made shelves
    Tailor made or customized shelves can be installed to display your TV. A good interior designer will install a shelf to fit in your budget and your home.

  • Do you have collectibles, knick knacks and a few memorable that you would like to display in your living room? If you have them scattered all over the room it will create a cluttered look? If you want to make sure they create a statement and not clutter you need a customized shelf to display them. Placing your TV in the center of the shelf will add to the beauty and will draw all eyes towards your proud displays.



  • If you love reading and if you have a splendid collection of books, place your TV in the middle of your proud collection of books.



  1. On a wall panel

Wires hanging from the wall can really be unsightly. Using wall panels to display your TV not only helps in hiding the ugly wires but also gives a trendy look to your home. You have a wide range of wall panels. A good interior designer Services will help you to choose the right one to suit the size and style of your home and your tastes.

  • Glossy panel reflects the room. This will make your room look bigger.

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  • Stone wall panel is also a good choice if you want to have a unique look. White floating cabinets below black TV finishes the display with a contrasting style.



  • Wooden wall panels give a warm and cozy finish.



  1. On the wall

  • Is your room small? You should be wise enough not to use the floor space. Just mount it on the wall. Mounting it in a corner will save space and avoid clutters.



Mounting TV on the wall is the right choice for displaying TVs in bedrooms.


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  • Do you have a stunning gallery wall? Do you want it to make it the focal point of the room? Display your TV in the gallery wall. You can create a gallery wall of your own or get the guidance of an interior designer to make it perfect.



  • If you feel mounting the TV on a plain wall looks dull you can frame it with a beautiful frame. Framing your TV will not burn holes in your pocket but will give a unique look. There are multiple options for TV frames.

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  1. On an accent wall in black

Black TV when installed on a wall could be over dominating and push all other décor in the room to the back. When you create a black colored accent wall, the elegant and flexible nature of black color will help in making a modern and unique statement. If you want your TV to be in the backdrop and not the focal point this is a wonderful option.


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  1. In in-built wall units

Are you constructing a new home or are you renovating your existing home? If so, making provisions for an in-built wall unit for displaying your TV is one of the best options. Get one of the best interior designers to do this for you. It looks trendy and neat. If you love minimalism you are sure to love this type of display.


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