5 Top Trends To Make Your Dining More Beautiful

Design My Space is one of the leading interior designer services provider company in Delhi NCR, Dining rooms are family friendly areas that are meant to make memories. Today, in the fast world people are too busy to have family meal times. If you want to bring your family together during meal times you should make your dining more beautiful. What are the top trends to make your dining more beautiful?

  1. Find the perfect dining table and space

Do you have a separate dining room or is it a small corner in the kitchen or is it a part of your living room? Be it small or large, you should be careful in selecting the right dining table.

  • If you have a very small space you should buy a foldable dining table that can be set during meal time.

  • Dining tables are available in many shapes like round, square, oval and rectangle. A round table is the best choice for a small family. Round table gives a feeling of closeness and is conducive to conversation. Do you need a dining table to accommodate large number of people? If so, you should go for a rectangular table.



  • Do you feel uncomfortable to use a large dining table when you are having a quick breakfast? You can place a few extra chairs under the kitchen counter tops. Use the counter tops as tables to get a cozy feel.


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  • Don’t you have a separate dining room? All you need to do is to create a small space within the kitchen and use a floating shelf as a table.  



  • Buying extending dining table is a wise decision when you need a small table for your family and a large one when you are entertaining guests.

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  1. Add warmth to your dining room

Metals give a hint of warmth. Create a nostalgic style dining room by adding wood and clay to metal. Use them in a modern fresh way to make your dining room impressive and traditional. A trendy dining room with natural and traditional elements can be designed easily if you get the advice of an interior design  for home. “Design My Space”.




  1. Create a balanced lighting

Lighting of a dining room should be planned around the dining table. A pendant above the dining table will make your family mealtimes enjoyable. Single pendant is enough for a small dining table but if you have a large table you should go for multiple pendants. Installing dimmer switches is a good option to set the mood. If you want to create a festive mood you can make the light brighter. If you want to create a romantic mood you should make it dimmer. LED lights throw bright white light. If you want a glamorous look you should hang a chandelier.






  1. Minimalist dining room

Minimalist style is perfect for dining room because it gives a welcoming feel. The place will look quieter and peaceful when you go for minimalist style. The simple elegance of minimalism in dining room will make your meal times more enjoyable. If you are not sure how to introduce minimalism in your dining room you should get interior design consultation from experts like DesignMySpace.


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  1. Stunning displays

Do you have prestigious heirlooms or beautiful dinnerware or astounding collectibles? Show them off with pride. They are sure to create a stunning effect on the beauty of your dining room. Moreover, your guests are sure to be impressed. Make sure you keep the expensive accessories in closed glass display shelves.


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Make a few changes in your dining room to make your meal times more special and memorable. Make it beautiful without sacrificing comforts with the help of a best interior designer company in Delhi NCR.(Design My Space).