5 Top Pillow Decoration Ideas

Do you want a quick change over to your living room? The easiest and cheapest way to give a new life to your living room is by changing the throw pillows. If you decide to switch over the pillows, you are sure to find out that there is an overwhelming array of choices. Is the wide range of options confusing you? Here are the top pillow decoration ideas.

First you should know the types of pillows before starting to decorate with pillows.

  • Square pillows – These are the standard pillows that can be used separately or combines with other types. They can be of any size. Oversize square pillows are usually 24 inches in size and the smaller ones are usually inches in size.

  • Lumbar pillows – These are long and rectangular. They are the best for offering support to your lower back.

  • Bolster pillows – They are long and cylindrical. They are the best for adding extra cushioning.

  • Unconventional pillows – They are of all queer shapes like star, cube, sphere, cartoon, flower and animal etc.  

How to decorate with pillows?

  1. Layering of pillows – This is the first step in decorating with cushions. You should make sure that you coordinate sizes when you layer the pillows. Pillows can be layered from back to front or from left to right. Are you planning to layer the pillows from back to front? If so, the largest pillows should be in the back. Square pillows should preferably be at the back. The smallest pillows should be in the front and they could be lumbar pillow or uniquely shaped pillows. If you are layering from right to left, the larger ones should be at the far left and far right. They should become smaller on the way to the center.



  1. Mix and match patterns

Same pattern could be boring. Mixing patterns will add color, variety and liveliness to the room. They also give an inviting look. You should remember that there is no strict rule that the pillows should be of the same pattern. In fact, they will look stylish if the patterns are mixed. Make sure the patterns are unified with a common scheme like color. The patterns should coordinate with other décor of your room.





  1. Mix fabrics

Do you want to give a sophisticated look to the room? Go for velvet, silk or faux pillows. When you mix fabrics, you should make sure that there is only one hero fabric.  To give a royal and rich feel to the room you can go for pillows with delicate laces and beautiful bead works.


Image result for velvet pillows for sofa images



  1. The right number

What type of décor do you have? Is it traditional or modern? Even number of pillows will not look right in a modern room. Interior decorators recommend odd number because it gives a traditional look. If you ask a best interior decorator in Noida will surely agree that this is an unarguable fact. Five pillows are right for an average sized sofa and three pillows are right for a small sofa. Even number is the perfect choice for symmetrical arrangement and odd number of asymetrical arrangement.




  1. Let one of them stand out

One of the pillows in unique color or a bright pattern or weird shape will add extra color and beauty to the room. You can personalize one of them with family photo or your own painting or embroidery. This will add a personal touch to your home. An interior designer in Noida like DesignMySpace will give you ideas to choose an accent pillow without overthrowing the remaining décor.




Decorating with pillows can be real fun but with endless options, you may not be able to decide where to start and how to start. Get the services of an interior decorator in Noida to give you the right advice.