5 Top Items For Baby Room Decoration

Are you preparing you and your home for the arrival of your baby or are you decorating your toddler’s bedroom? It can be real fun and is surely is one of the best parts of parenthood. It is important that you create a comfortable and safe room for your baby. Decorating a baby room is not just about selecting a theme and making it beautiful but it is about making it safe. What are the top items essential for decorating the baby room to make it both safe and beautiful?

  • Sleeping items

  • Crib for newborn

This is the first and foremost thing that you need in your baby’s room. Make sure you get a crib that can be used for many years. The best option is to go for convertible crib that can be converted into a bed when your baby grows up. The slats of the crib should be close to make sure your baby’s head doesn’t get stuck in the gaps. A crib with wheels is also a good option because you can shift it to your bedroom.


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  • Bed for toddler

If the crib is convertible it can be converted into a bed. There will be no issues. Do you have an elder child? Should the younger one share the room of his sibling? Is the room not too big to accommodate two cots? If your answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions you should go for double decker bed. Make sure you place railings around the cot to avoid falls.




  1. Items to keep little ones entertained

  • Crib mobile

Is your baby a new born infant? Your baby is sure to feel bored while lying in the crib. A crib mobile will keep your baby entertained. Crib mobiles with music are a better choice because the soothing music will put your baby to sleep.


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  • Rocking chair

Is your little one a little older? If so, you need a rocking chair. It soothes your baby to sleep. You need not become tired rocking your baby in your arms. Instead you can use a rocking chair while talking or singing to your baby in soothing tones.



  • Tents

Children love to play in tents. If your baby is a toddler you should set up a tent. You can even set up a bed in it where your baby can take short naps.




  1. Storage items

Creating storage space is an important factor to consider while decorating your baby room. Babies seem to accumulate things. Hence it is essential that you create plenty of storage options. You can buy convertible cribs with storage provisions at the sides and bottom. Wall shelves are useful at all stages in your child’s life. They can be used to store toys, books, school accessories etc.






  1. Black and white patterns and bold colors

Is it surprising to know that bold colors and black and white patterns are the best for your baby’s room? Yes, it is surprising but true. Parents usually go for soft pastel colors to decorate their kid’s room. Experts have confirmed that black and white patterns send powerful signals to your baby’s brain. It helps in stimulating brain growth and improving focus and attention. I am sure you want your baby to be attentive and focused.





  1. Lights

Little ones hate darkness. Lighting of your baby’s room should be functional and should a touch of beauty to the décor of the room. Avoid floor lamps because they pose safety risks. A ceiling fan light combo is a good choice. Blades should be colorful to give a visual treat to the babies. The sound of a fan in motion sooths and relaxes your baby. Don’t forget the night lamps. Ceiling lighting creates a peaceful atmosphere in the night. Be creative in choosing the lights for your baby’s room. There is a wide array of options. Consult home designers in Delhi for more suggestions.





Ceiling lights





Fan with light





Night light


Create a beautiful place for your baby that can grow and adopt as your baby grows. Home Interior Designers in Noida like Design MyS pace will give you splendid suggestions to make your baby’s room spectacular and functional.