5 Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

It is true that it is practically impossible to constantly update your home to keep up with the ever changing interior design trends. However, there are some trends that are going to be the forefront of interior designs in 2019. Moreover, in India there are some trends that have stayed popular for years and will stay popular for years to come. Do you want to know the hottest interior designs in 2019 that have come to stay for quite a few years?

  1. Connect your home to nature

This is the time where more and more people are reconnecting themselves to nature. How to connect your home to nature?

  • ‘Go Green’ is one of the most widely used terms in the world. More plants are set to enter the interior décor this year. Different types of plants in all types of textures are sure to make an impact in the interior decoration.





  • Colors like shades of green, yellow, orange, brown, red etc. will create a natural atmosphere. Warm colors that connect you to the nature will be the trend of 2019.


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  1. Patterns

Patterns are prominent in Indian temples, costumes and homes. Myriad styles of patterns are used to decorate the Indian homes.  Mandala art is gaining a lot of popularity and it is going to be one of the most sought after patterns in interior designs 2019. Patterns will not only adorn the walls but also the furniture.


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  1. Metallic finish

Metallic finish is back as an important trend in home décor. Golden finish gives sophistication. Copper finish gives warmth. Silver finish reflects light to create spaciousness. Bring sparkle and glamour to your home with metallic finishes.


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  1. Natural elements

Introducing natural elements in interior designing is going to be one of the trends in 2019. You can incorporate natural elements in many ways in your home. Wooden walls, wooden furniture, natural fabrics, organic sheets, natural rock walls, Zen fountains, and fresh bouquets are a few examples. Natural elements add a touch of nature and charm to your home. Top interior designers in Delhi will give you guidance on how to incorporate natural elements in your décor. 





  1. Large wall mount headboards

It is generally believed that small things suit small spaces but it is not so.  A large focal point will give a spacious feeling. That is the reason why oversized headboards are becoming popular these days. Headboards that were initially designed to add comfort have become a thing of beauty. Floor to ceiling headboards are a trend in interior designing 2019. Top architects in Delhi will design the best wall mount headboard for your bedroom.



Apart from the above there are a few designs that will remain evergreen in India.

  • Statues of religious idols will always be an important element in décor.

  • Clay pottery, metal diyas, brass lamps are always used in Indian homes to lend traditional look to the homes.

  • Tiles, granite and marble will be the favorites in flooring to suit the Indian weather.

  • Wooden furniture is an all time favorite.

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