5 Top Home Design and Decor Trends For Winters

Winter is coming. The temperature outside is dropping. The coldness and darkness can affect your mood and make you depressed. Do you want to beat the winter blues? Here is some good news. You can bring warmth and cheer to your home by making a few changes in your home décor.

Light Your Homes to Warmth

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Go for low level lighting rather than a single pendant hanging in the center. Scattering lights evenly across the room creates a warm atmosphere. Floor lamps are also an excellent option for winter. The light from the floor lamps light up the ceiling to give cheerfulness. Table lamps can be used to brighten corners. Lamps in the corners help in avoiding shadows too. Choose large lampshades to create softer light. Lampshades in fabric textures give a warm feel. Choosing the right lighting, the right lampshades and the right light bulbs will transform your home surprisingly from cold to warm.

Warm and Cozy Rugs and Carpet

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Textures surely create a relaxing atmosphere in your dwelling. Right from the uncivilized era fur has played an important role in keeping man warm but if you are on a budget fur is not for you. Fur can burn holes in your pockets. Fortunately, you have a huge array of faux fur options. Faux fur throws, pillows and cushions on the sofas give a warm look to your living room.

Drapes made from sheep skin or faux fur can be thrown on the backs of the dining chairs to make your dining time cozy and warm. Furry bedcovers will keep you extra warm during night. Treat your feet with furry rugs. Velvet is another perfect texture for winter. Plush carpets give a rich look and make you feel warm.

Wallpaper and wall artwork

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Big wallpapers and large wall artworks give a spacey look and warm feel. Wallpapers and artworks featuring natural landscape, big floral patterns, warm sunrise and greenery can create a huge impact to your home this winter. You can create the illusion of warmth with the help of brightly colored wallpapers.

Light wood paneling to add warmth

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There are people who don’t like wallpapers. Are you one among them? If so, you should go for wood paneling. Wood paneling is a wonderful alternative to wallpapers and paint. It gives a sophisticated and rustic look apart from adding warmth.

Colors to Add Warmth

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Colors you choose will make a big difference in adding warmth and comfort to your home. Vibrant red color will turn the heat on. Golden tones not only add warmth but add shimmer and richness too. Team strong colors together on the walls and décor to give a wrap-around feeling to your living room. If you want to keep it subtle rather than bold, you can paint one wall in a bold color and paint the other three walls in paler shades of the same color. Emerald green, bold burgundy and rich navy blue colors are the trends this winter. Make your homes warm and colorful.

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