5 Top Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor space in your home is a place to relax, retreat and entertain. If you want to enjoy warm days in pleasant weather you should make sure you decorate the outdoor spaces in your room tastefully. Relax and have fun with family and friends. Enjoy some time in peace in the fresh air with a book in hand in a well decorated outdoor space. It is not going to be an expensive affair if you plan appropriately. 

Top decoration ideas for outdoor spaces

  1. Create an oasis in your outdoor space

Create an oasis in the outdoor space of my home? Is it really possible? I am sure you are going to raise these questions. Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is 

  • To install water feature like a fountain or a waterfall or a tabletop fountain if the space is limited.
  • To incorporate stone accents on the surface. 
  • To add tropical charm with lush greenery.


  1. Add a swing to the outer space

Swinging when there is a gentle cool breeze is really heavenly. It can be really relaxing when you kick and go to and forth in a swing. It can be entertaining for children as well as adults. You can get swings in all sizes and prices. Choose the right one to fit in your needs and budget. You will never regret investing in a swing for your outdoor space. 



  1. Light your outdoor spaces to give a festive atmosphere

Hanging lights are a good option to light your outdoor space. There is a huge array of options to hang lights in the garden. LED globe lights are energy and money saving. Acrylic lights are the best for hanging above swimming pools because of their shatter proof feature. You can also wrap lights on the trees and posts. 



  1. Create a vertical garden

Not everyone is blessed with sprawling outdoor space. If your outdoor space is limited, vertical garden is a wonderful option. Add color and beauty to your backyard with a vertical garden. You can create a vertical garden with hanging plants or potted plants. Flowering plants need a lot of care and attention. If you are too busy you can create a vertical garden with succulent plants. There is wide variety of options to create a vertical garden. Interior design services will guide you on the multiple options available and which will suit your home. 




  1. Floating décor

It is a gorgeous sight to see flowers and candles floating on water. They add a touch of beauty to your outdoor space, especially, in the nights.  A stone based stand will look spectacular with bright flowers and glowing candles. 




There are many more ideas to decorate your outdoor space. You can plan to have an outdoor dining table, an outdoor bar, a fire pit if you are living in a cold place, a hammock to lie down and many more. Top interior designers in Gurgaon, like DesignMySpace, will give you more ideas to make the outdoor space of your home a haven to relax and rejuvenate.

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