5 Reasons To Embrace Green At Home

Not everyone is blessed to have a huge garden in the front or in the backyard of their home. It is not a matter even if you are living in a tiny apartment or if you lack a green thumb. You can create a paradise with green plants in the small balcony and you can grow indoor plants. Greenery is trending right now in the interior designing.

There can be no doubts that green plants add to the beauty of your home. They make the surroundings serene and beautiful. Green plants are an excellent addition to your home décor. Are beauty and freshness the only reasons for embracing green? No. there is more to it. Do you want to know the other reasons for embracing green?

Embracing Green is Good for the Air Quality


Several researches have been conducted to study the link between plants and air quality. All of them conclude that plants do improve the quality of the air. Everyone knows the plants release oxygen during photosynthesis which is good for the atmosphere. This is not the only feature of plants that improves air quality. There are a few plants that absorb the toxic chemicals in the air to purify the air you breathe. Golden pothos removes the benzene in air.


Peace lilies remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air.


Spider plants absorb carbon mono oxide and formaldehyde found in cigarette smoke.

There are many more plants like snake plant, English Ivy, Dracaena and ferns etc. that improve the air quality.  Place the plants in the right place to make sure they add to the beauty and not the other way round. Get the advice of the best interior designer in Delhi if you want to avoid wrong decisions.

Embracing Green Improves Your Mood


Science has proven that plants boost your mood by releasing cytokines that stimulate the production of serotonin, the mood hormones. They improve depression and anxiety. Morning grumpiness will prevail throughout the day and spoil the whole day. A green plant on your coffee table can reverse your grumpiness and boost your mood. You are assured of a happy day filled with fun and laughter.

Embracing Green Improves Your Cognitive Skills


Potted plants in your workspace or your study desk improve your creativity, problem solving skills and memory. A study shows that it improves your memory retention power by 20% and concentration. Get the help of one of the best interior design companies in Delhi who will help you to design your work place and kids’ study room with lively plants.

Embracing Green Gives You Comfort

Colors have a psychological and emotional impact on us. Some colors trigger stress while some colors keep you relaxed. Green is a quiet and restful color. It is a comforting color that keeps you calm and refreshed. Green plants give you a feeling of comfort and peace.

Embracing Green Gives Positive Vibes 


Plants absorb the negative energy from your home and keep positive vibes flowing. Positivity in the space keeps your family happy, alert and stress free. Plants like peace lily, bamboo and cactus etc. improve the positivity. Let your living room flow with positive vibes.

Over cluttering of some plants may lead to reverse effects. It is better to seek the advice of one of the best interior design companies in Delhi like Design My Space if you do want to get all the benefits of embracing green.