5 Easy Ways To Personalize Your Space

There is no place on earth that can be more comfortable and more peaceful than your home. This is an unarguable fact but without your personal touches it will feel just like a hotel room. Do you want to avoid your home feeling like a refuge or a hotel room? If so, it should reflect your personality and tastes. If you want your home to reflect your tastes and your personality you should personalize it. Are you not sure where to start? Here are a few easy ways to personalize your space and add warmth. To get more tips you should contact one of the best interior designers in Noida.

How to personalize your space easily?

Display your photos

Rustic Bedroom

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This is the best way to personalize your space. Display the best snapshots of your family and show your love for your family. Share the story of your travel on the walls. Are you reluctant to drill holes in your walls? Don’t worry. You can still personalize your space without damaging your walls. You can personalize your bedside tables with your favorite photos. You can also go for removable picture hanging strips or you can hang floating shelves or you can install cork boards. They are good alternatives for nails. On cork boards you can display newspaper cuttings, invitations of events to attend, postcards from near and dear and invoices to be paid and many more. Architects in Noida will be able to give you better guidance on how to display your photos.

Let your home show off your hobbies


What is your favorite hobby? Is it reading or cycling or playing guitar or meditating or quilting or drawing? Whatever be it, make sure you dedicate a space for it. This will make your home feel more like you.

Let the accessories speak of your personality


Are you a bold person? Let the cushion covers, rugs, carpets and others be of bold prints. Are you a cheerful and bubbly person?  Decorate your home with bright and vibrant colors. Are you a traditional person? Let the accessories also be traditional. The accessories should speak of your personality to fill your home with your own vibes.

Showcase your personal collections

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Are you an avid collector? What is your latest collection? Is it a collection of shells or colorful stones or feathers or coins or perfume bottles or art pieces or scented candles or porcelain vases or toys? Showcase them but you should avoid over cluttering them. Make sure your expensive collections do not become annoying dust collectors. You can change them from time to time. They can be shells for a month and pokemon cards for the next month and stones for the next month and so on. Do you have no idea on what to do and how to do? Interior designers in Noida Design My Space will be of great assistance to set the best display shelves and organize them for you.

Share your skills to others through your home


Decoupage of decorative eggs

Are you a creative person? Are you good at knitting or drawing or painting or other artworks? Show them off without any hesitation. Believe in yourself. Believe that your creations are good to be displayed for the others to view. Express yourself through your creations.

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