5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Clothing

Most of today’s apartments don’t have enough storage facilities for your clothing. Small closets and small wardrobes can be a hindrance to organized storing. If you make the most of the space available using simple ideas you can surely organize your clothes neatly. Save time searching for clothes and accessories and give your home an organized look through simple tips.


  1. Customize your storage

Customize your storage units to suit your needs. Combine drawers, hangers and boxes into a single storage unit. Drawers are for folded items, hangers are for suits and boxes for accessories and others. The clothes that you use frequently should be at your eye level and the seasonal ones that you don’t use often should be at the high level. Use shelf dividers to avoid clutter.




  1. Use pipes, hooks, office organizers and hangers wisely

  • Do you think PVC pipes are for plumbing alone? If so, you are absolutely wrong. PVC pipes can be a blessing in disguise to organize your clothing. Cut the pipes and use as dividers in your drawers. They are very convenient to store ties, belts, socks and scarves.



  • Shower curtain rings are not only for hanging shower curtains but also for hanging your gorgeous dupattas. Shower curtain rings can be tied to hangers. All you have to do is to loop your dupattas through the rings.

Courtesy: Design Style

  • File organizers that you use in your office are of not much use in the digital world but you can use them efficiently to store your clutches, purses or other accessories.



  • Use shower hooks to hang your jeans.

  1. Use the space under the bed

Under bed space is the best place to store out of season clothing. They can be stored in wooden drawers or fabric bags or plastic boxes. Boxes with wheels will be a better choice because they are easy to pull out.


orange storage


  1. Use dividers in drawers with interior design

Drawers will look cluttered when you store lots of small things like lingerie, handkerchiefs and socks etc. Using dividers will not only help in avoiding cluttered look but will also give extra space in the drawers. There are many types of dividers like wooden dividers, cardboard dividers, honeycomb dividers etc.


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  1. Add extra place in your closet

Don’t waste the space in the top. Add extra shelves in the top to store seasonal clothes. You can reach the top shelves if you have a small stool tucked in the corner. You can even utilize the closet door to store shoes or belts or ties. Adding more rods to your closet gives you extra space in the closet. it is done only done by Design My Space best interior designers in Delhi ncr.





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