11 Best Stylish Backyard Hangouts Ideas

Gone are the days when backyards were reserved as a store place to store unwanted junk. Now, backyards are place to have fun with friends and family, to relax and to work out. It is usually thought that you can make backyards an entertaining and enjoyable spot only if the space is big. It is not so. Small backyards can also be turned into a cozy retreat and a place to have fun with the help of interior designers in Noida.

Backyard living room

Your backyard is an extension of your home. You can create a full blown living room in the backyard where you can relax. All you need to do is to furnish the place with comfortable furniture and proper flooring. It will turn into a fantastic outdoor living room with fresh air and warm sunshine.

Backyard home theater

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Do you love watching movies with your friends and family? Build a backyard home theater. It is really sad that drive-in theaters are slowly becoming extinct because of the increase in the number of multiplexes. The good news is that your own backyard can be converted into a drive-in home theater. An outdoor screen, relaxing furniture, string of lights in the trees and a bowl of popcorn can make your backyard a paradise in the weekends.

Backyard beds


Whatever your age be, stargazing can be really exciting. A bunk bed or a row bed with a removable canopy is sufficient to convert your backyard into a natural planetarium. Relax in the mornings with a book in your hand and go for stargazing in the nights in backyard beds.

Backyard splash pool


Do you have kids at home? You can build a splash pool in the backyard for your little ones and their friends to splash around in hot summer days.

Backyard fire pit

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Can you use the backyards only on hot days? No, it is not so. You can use them on cold days too with a little planning. You need not stay indoors even on cold days if you build a backyard fire pit. You can sit around the fire and enjoy the natural warmth without turning on the room heater.

Backyard Kitchen

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Outdoor entertaining is fun but it can be stressful if you have to do the cooking indoors and bring them all outdoors. A backyard kitchen will make outdoor entertaining easier. You can have fun while cooking. Everyone is sure to give a helping hand and make cooking effortless and stress free.

Backyard tree house

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Do you remember how you dreamt of having a tree house as a kid? Didn’t your dream come true? Don’t worry. It is never too late. Build a tree house in your backyard. Let your dream and your kid’s dream come true.

Backyard bar

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Building a backyard bar is not a very difficult project. It is not a very expensive one too. You can relax with your friends mixing your own cocktails and talking sweet nothings.

Backyard games


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Install giant chess boards or scrabble boards on the floor. Keep your children entertained during holidays. Pull them out of their mobile games and play station games. Bring them outdoors to play in the backyard and to build unforgettable memories that they can relish as an adult. Backyard games are not for children alone. It is for adults too.

Backyard camping


You need not travel miles and spend a lot of your precious time to go for an outdoor camping with your children. You can camp with your family in your own backyard and have fun if you build a camping space in your backyard.

Backyard fun with no bugs


Are you living in a tropical place? If so, I am sure you have a lot of bugs and mosquitoes swarming in your backyard. If so, you should be devastated that you cannot have fun in your backyard. Here is some good news for you. The best interior designer in Noida NCR will be able to build a bug-free backyard room for you. Bugs will not prevent you from having fun in the backyard if you build a bug free home.


Your backyard has a haven hidden in it. To unravel the hidden haven, get the help of Design My Space, interior decorator in Noida.