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Design my space is Noida’s leading architect and interior designer firm having office in sector 126 Noida- Greater Noida expressway. Design My Space since its inception involved in building stunning and user centric 3D designs as per the clients requirement. Architects in Design My Pace understands clients requirement and prepare design according;e whether it is Vastu design, maximum space utilization or foundation designs. As a part of exterior services they provide.

Architectural Drawings Noida

Are you planning to build a new home or office? Are you planning to refurbish or extend your current one? Are you wondering where to start and whom to contact?

You should start with contacting the best architects in Noida and ask them to come up with architectural drawings. Construction projects are no easy jokes. They involve a lot of planning and of course a lot of money.

First you have to decide if the project you are planning to undertake is financially viable and practically operable. Architectural drawings are the only option to help you to make the right decision and to avoid future regrets. Design My Space assures you the best set of architectural drawings made by the best architects in Noida. The expertise team of Design My Space an architect firm in noida develops tailor-made architectural drawings to suit your requirements and to make sure your investment will not be wasted by sketching the perfect

  • Concept plans
  • Floor plans
  • Site Plan
  • Sanction drawings
  • Electrical drawings
  • Plumbing drawings
  • Elevations and
  • Door window schedule etc.
Architectural Drawings Noida

Structural Drawings Noida

Be it a remodeling project or new construction project it is natural to feel tempted to dive straight into the project. In reality this is not advisable because it could result in weak buildings and wastage of money.

Structural drawings sketched by good architects of Noida will ensure that the building is able to stand safely without getting damaged from external elements and internal forces. We at Design My Space are devoted to satisfy the requirements of the customers and create a safe and functional design.

Our experts with their expertise knowledge and experience go into every minute detail to make sure that the building will remain strong and safe for several decades. Our team containing the top architects of Noida develops the best set of structural drawings to assure unyielding and durable buildings and to decrease the extra cost of beautification by designing elevation elements too. Our set of structural drawings comprise

  • Foundation designs
  • Column beam details
  • Column beam layout
  • Building information modeling
  • Reinforcement details
Structural Drawings Noida

Documentation And Details Noida

Construction of a building involves several steps. Different sets of people are involved in each and every step. The building contractors should understand the rationale behind the decisions taken by architects. Others like plumbers and electricians should be informed about the constraints and limitations of the project to go ahead with their work. Unless the discussions and decisions are documented the project will suffer in each and every phase. Documentation done by architects of Noida is the only tool to assure uninterrupted work and quality and to avoid squandering of money. Design My Space has the best team of experts to provide precise documentation to make sure the clients are offered the best at the lowest cost and within schedule.

Small details should not be ignored if you really want your dream project to stand out. What should not be seen should be hidden and what should be emphasized should be highlighted. Right detailing developed by the best architects in Noida is the only way to create an impressive end result. We at Design My Space are equipped with the best team to provide you the best detailing to convert your dream into reality with

  • Bill of quantity
  • Construction bidding documents
  • 3 D views and exterior walkthrough
  • Gates, grills, railings and boundary wall design

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  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
Booking an appointment with the expert architect will be the first step in your project. Discussions will be held regarding the client requirements and all inputs will be carefully measured to be included in the final plan. The work specifies to -
  1. The client requirements are analyzed and all the factors are roped-in for discussion
  2. Suggestions will be given for the commercial design outcomes
  3. Providing ultimate productivity related to the architectural and design work of your space