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Design My Space is a leading architect firm in Delhi. On an average providing service to more than 150 clients every year. Design My space is creating premier apartment to luxury office and commercial complex across Delhi.

The team comprises of young and experienced Architects, Civil Engineers, Site supervisors. They are best known for creativity and value for money concepts and structures. Some of the services provided by them in Delhi includes

Architectural Drawings in Delhi

Whether you are planning to build a new home or office or if you are planning for an extension or renovation of the existing one, the first step is to start with a set of architectural drawings. Architectural drawings help you to visualize your project before starting the construction work. It helps you to make the final decision on if you should really go ahead with the project and if it is worth the investment. Design my space an architectural understands that your hard earned money is of great value and wants to make sure it is not wasted unnecessarily. Errors in the drawings can lead to bad execution and other blunders. That is why experts at Design my space visualize your project three dimensionally and come up with a set of appropriate and accurate architectural drawings including

  • Concept plans
  • Floor plans
  • Site Plan
  • Sanction drawings
  • Electrical drawings
  • Plumbing drawings
  • Elevations and
  • Door window schedule etc.
Architectural Drawings Delhi

Structural Drawings in Delhi

When you want to convert your dream and vision to reality you should make sure that you do not jeopardize with the strength of the building. A building should be strong enough to withstand external forces like wind, snow, vibrations, rain, and sun and of course loads of weight in the interior. Structural drawings made by the best architects in Delhi are made to ensure that your home or office can stand the tests of time. We at Design My Space analyze the wide range of structural systems before choosing the right one for your home or office. Structural drawings made by the experts in our team could make a difference not only in the strength and robustness of your project but also in the reduction of the additional costing for beautification by playing it. Design My Space with its team of best architects in Delhi develop structural drawings that include

  • Foundation designs
  • Column beam details
  • Column beam layout
  • Building information modeling
  • Reinforcement details
Structural Drawings in Delhi

Documentation And Details in Delhi

The success of a building project is the joint effort of architects, engineers, builders, contractors, sub contractors, electricians, plumbers and many others. Maximum efficiency is impossible if there is no coordination between them. Complete documentation done by good architects of Delhi is the only way for coordinating all of them. Design My Space understands that to construct a building of high quality and to avoid heavy financial wastage precise documentation is of utmost importance. Our experts provide accurate documentation to give clear answers to all �what, why and how� questions at all levels.

Some unattractive areas of a building should be masked and hidden from seeing. You can just hide the unattractive areas or you can create uniqueness by adding flair and style to those areas. There are several detailing methods to hide them or to add striking final touches to make the interior stand apart. Whatever be your choice, our expert team of unequaled architects of Delhi is sure to come up with the right detailing method to suit your needs. What do we offer?

  • Bill of quantity
  • Construction bidding documents
  • 3 D views and exterior walkthrough
  • Gates, grills, railings and boundary wall design
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Firstly, we will book an appointment with famous architects in Delhi to discuss your design requirements. An expert professional will visit your place and take all the inputs to start the work. It specifies to �
Analysis of the client or work requirements taking into considerations all the desired factors Offering of suggestions to come up with the best architectural design Best architectural and interior designs for the residential, office or commercial spaces